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P.U.S.H.  -  Pray Until Something Happens

"But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope:  The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end. they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.  'The Lord is my portion', says my soul, 'therefore I will hope in Him." -  Lamentations 3:21-24

Praising God for the safe rescue of the young soccer team members and their coach in Thailand that were trapped underground.  To God be the Glory!

Prayers for the Rollistas of Men's #119 who will be having their Rollo-a-thon thisSaturday.  Prayers their talks will allow Christ to shine through their message, as we seek to raise up new Leaders for the Gospel spreading the Good News into our environments.  

Updated Prayer request for Roger Thomason who is 85, Brother in Law of Dian Speer.  Roger had his leg amputated just below the knee, we werepreviously praying for his ulcers on his foot.  He is in good spirits.  Please keep Roger in your prayers, and his Wife Sharon as well as she provides care and support for her Husband.  

Prayer request for Fred Richards from Sue Orton (W#117) and BevKovach (w#46), they are waiting on diagnosis of several health issues fortheir brother.   They also ask God's Blessings upon a dear Veteran brother who provided funds to purchase a current auto tag and insurance so Fred could get to this Veteran hospital many miles away from his home on order to receive medical care.   

Updated prayer request for Sally Tews, wife of late VDC PUSH author Al Tews from their daughter Margaret.  She has returned home from her hospitalization and is feeling a little bit better, to God be the Glory!  Again her family expressed their thanks for the prayers of the VDC Community.  

Updated prayer request for the family of Julie Rozman,  who went home to Our Lord, wife of St. Paul Lutheran Church's choir accompanist (and soon to be director) Dr. Jure Rozman, from Tracy Bovee.  Julie had been fighting brain cancer for years.  She rejoices in Glory this day and give much thanks for that blessing.  

Continued Prayer Requests and Praise Reports:
Prayer request for Elizabeth Feinberg, we had been praying for her Son John, and are most grateful for God's gracious healing over his bone marrow.  Prayers for Mother Elizabeth who underwent so much sudden stress her thyroid has drastically decreased in productivity and has now been diagnosed with a condition called Hashimotos Thyroidis and is being treated.  Her prayers are for peace, energy, and a healed thyroid, by Gods grace.        
Prayer Request from Raul Ibanez, Table of Luke '86, "I have been diagnosed withprostrate cancer stage 3 about 10 days ago and I am going through the prep to start radiation treatment soon.  I'd appreciate all the prayers that I could get at this time.  The Lord is the only one that I can trust to have a good outcome, and if it is my time I will take it graceful knowing that he already has a place saved for me".  

Updated Prayer requests from Juan Toledo M#111, Husband of Yamil, his cousinAnibal "Pocho" Giner was diagnosed with esophagus cancer.  He had some complications after his surgery and had to be intubated and is currently in ICU at Jackson Memorial.  Continued prayers for Anibal and the entire family to know Gods great love at this time. 

Prayer Request from the Perretta Family, Paul's Nephew Pete took his life just after Fathers Day.  Prayers for his Wife Diana, Children Michael, Alex, and Dina, and Sister Dawn.  Prayers for God's great comfort to to be upon this entire family in their time of need and loss, and to turn our eyes and prayers to Jesus. 

Prayers for Wanda, to be strong in faith and trust, and believe in God's journey for her.  To know that God loves her and that all that is happening is for her good and to serve God's purpose. 

Prayers for upcoming Rectora  Charmaine Weekes as she calls a Team to serve on W#119 Sept 27 - 30th 2018.  Prayers for members of SVDC as they pray about serving.  

Prayer request this day for Sonja Stuehrenberg Wuerffel, Sister of Pr. Darrell Stuehrenberg, the following message was shared by her daughter Bethany,  "The past couple of weeks have been difficult as my Mom has had a bit of a setback and is now quite weak on her left side due to the tumor and inflammation in the brain.  It is so hard to see her struggle to walk and not be able to use her left hand.  However even in the darkness the light of God shines through her. Shecontinues to praise Him and is confident in His ability to heal and deliver her."  Prayers for Sonja, daughter Bethany, Pr. Darrell, and their entire family. 

Renewed Prayer requests this day  for Kevin, a young man whose parents pray for God to open his heart and his eyes to know our Lord and Savior and see the great love that God has for him.  Prayers for angels to cross his path daily, for Christians brothers to speak life into him, and for Gods great presence to be revealed.   

Prayers for the many children who are being separated from their parents, around the world, for so many reasons.  May peace and love be restored to our world and the great name of Jesus be lifted high.   

Prayer request for Olga Tortoriello, Mother of Pat and Donna McCarthy Gold Coast VDC brother and sister of Bill & Donna Sandusky.  She had a knee replacement surgery and is having complications.  Her speech is slurred, she can not walk, and her blood pressure is very low.  Prayers for Olga this day and her children Pat and Donna.  

Prayers for all who may be suffering from sadness and depression, that the love of the Lord Jesus Christ will shine through their darkness, and that we may each be vessels to share the light and love of Christ. 

Prayer request:  From Carolyn Johnson  Please pray for my sons:  Adam, who battles with mental illness, and Myles: While living in NY, for God to place someone in his life as an encourager in his Christian faith. GLYASDI, Carolyn

Prayer request for Judy Armbrust, as requested by Roberta Little. We may not know the reason for prayer, but our Heavenly Father knows ll, and we lift our Sister Judy to His great love and care.  
PRAISE Report this day for 23 year old Farah Guzman  Farah had received a sudden diagnosis of Stage 4 Cancer several months ago, found in a muscle in her lower body and also found in both her lungs. Chemo has been effective - The Lung tumors are gone!  The lower body tumor has been reduced by 85%!  Continued prayers for God's complete healing over her body as she continues chemo treatments and radiation.  

PEAISE Report that Baby Charlotte is now up to 12 pounds and she spent Mothers Day in her own home and was held for the first time by her Grandpa and Great-Grandmother on Mothers Day! 
 The family sends their sincerest thanks for your continued prayers.  She will need a second staged heart surgery in several months. Please continue to keep Charlotte and  parents Jessica and Mark in your prayers, family of Mari Romero.

PRAISE report, from Grover Salzer:
Sonshine VDC Family, Greetings in the name of the LORD JESUS! I've completed six regimes of R-CHOP chemo treatment for lymphoma.  Cancer is clear.  All praise, honor, and glory be to our God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Thanking you for your continued
Agape, Grover W. Salzer Sonshine Cursillo Men's #40

Prayer request from Bettye Williams W#118, Prayers for her familymembers especially her Mother Vera and Son Dykwon; and prayers for freedom from those who suffer from drug addiction. 

Prayer requests from Betty Williams W#118 "Prayers for my Son, Vernest, who is waiting for a Heart."  Prayers for Vernest as he awaits an organ transplant, for his mother Betty, and the entire family. Prayers for the medical professional who are caring for Vernest and for all transplant patients, and prayers for the donor families as they are faced with the decision to move forward with transplantation.

Continued Prayer requests for Martha Reed, Rosa Wheat, Desiree Uptgrow Scott, Helen Stephens, and all who lost their Husbands this past year and the Nieves family that lost their Son and Brother Steve.  Praising God we know where they are and that we will be united again one day!      

Prayer requests for Rector Barry Trost as he prepares the next team of Men's #119, and for Charmaine Weekes as she prepares to lead W#119 in September.  Prayers for a hedge of protection to be placed around them and their families as the answer God's call.   

Prayer request for those suffering from addictions of all kinds in our lives and community, for Christ to be known most fully and clearly and to guide their daily walk. 

Prayers for the New Pilgrims of our last weekends  M#118 and W#118
Please keep these newest members of Sonshine VDC in your prayers as we live our 4th day together!  Sponsors, please follow up with your candidates and share Christ's love and support this day! 

Continued Prayers for The Reed Family, Wheat Family, Nieves Family, Navar Family, Cumberbatch Family, Frazey Family,  Sheha Family, Gilliland Family, Pr. Glenn Dunn, Gena Ford, Roger Manning, Dick Bergen, John Feinberg, Margaret Casanas, Fern Velez & Family, Chaddock Family, Pr. Arlene and daughter Maria Landin,  the Santere Family,  Douglas Family, & Kansman Family,   For God's loving embrace around all as we pray for health and wellness and for the needs in each of their lives

Prayers for future Men's and Women's candidates, may their names be laid on the hearts of our community and be sent in at any time. Fax to 954 212-3188 or which can be found on the top of the application.  Please call or text 786 270-7871 for assistance.    

***Please send YOUR prayer requests or updates via email , or via text / call to 305 434-2003 so our SVDC community can pray for you and your loved ones. 
Have a blessed day!